West Yorkshire Police – PCSO Recruitment – Opening Soon

PCSO Vacancies opening from Monday 26th June until Monday 10th July 2017.

Applications will be available on the West Yorkshire Police Website on 26th June.




Police Community Support Officers – a role as diverse as you can make it

West Yorkshire Police is proud to serve our many diverse communities across the county, and our aim is to promote and achieve a fully inclusive workforce to reflect those communities.

PCSOs have been employed by West Yorkshire Police since 2003 and have proved to be a valuable asset, working in support of police officer colleagues.  West Yorkshire Police values difference and recognises that people with a variety of skills, attitudes and experiences, from diverse backgrounds and cultures, bring fresh ideas and perspectives.

Our PCSOs are local, enthusiastic individuals who regularly demonstrate our commitment to making West Yorkshire communities safer and feeling safer. Few roles can be more varied and interesting. You could be reassuring and advising residents, organising the removal of abandoned vehicles, reporting suspicious activities and attending local meetings.

No professional qualifications are needed – we give you all the training and support you need. You just have to care about your community and be good at talking to the public in a diplomatic, confident and authoritative way. And of course, respect the differences between us all that make our communities what they are.

What’s it like being a Police Community Support Officer

Read all about 'tweeting PCSO' Sarah BarberiniWhat is it like being a PCSO?  Check out PCSO Sarah Barberini’s page with a video and follow her on Twitter.  Also see her on a Facebook Live video.

What is the training process like for new recruits?  Hear from four trainees, plus their trainers on our videos page.

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Police Community Support Officers – A Valuable Asset

Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) have been employed by West Yorkshire Police since 2003 and have proved to be a valuable asset, working in support of police officer colleagues.
These officers are a vital visual addition to the Force and help us in making West Yorkshire a safer place to live, work and visit by providing a visible uniformed on-street presence, helping to improve the quality of life in local communities and offering greater public reassurance.

PCSOs are not a replacement for police officers but they do many of the jobs that often take highly trained police officers away from more appropriate duties. They are employed as members of support staff and work on Neighbourhood Policing Teams alongside police officers. It is a unique role, designed to tackle anti-social behaviour and other issues affecting the quality of life.